Between 2 worlds

By Russell Irving

Remote Indigenous communities, destitution, sex offender, the intervention, poverty, violence, alcohol, drug abuse, sex offender, the intervention, powerlessness, despair



A ceremony held since the dawning of time

family groups travelling hundreds of miles across potholed tracks in broken down wrecks

Gathering in their hundreds, housed, fed, loved

Sisters and mothers and daughters and grandmothers and aunties preening, sharing, laughing, gossiping

Glistening, proud, muscular sons, fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers painted, gliding and stomping

singing spears quivering

Certain of who they are where they belong

Shaking the earth, calling the ancestors

holding at bay a fractured calling from the west

Night time as dark and silent as our imaginations allow

Night owls, crickets, winds of eternity and loneliness

Kept at bay, placated by clap sticks and ancient voices across ancient lands

biding time,welcoming the dawn

finally a ritualistic cleansing is enacted, a baptisimal rebirth re-affirming all that is eternal

traditional obligations in contemporary lives

beacons for navigating two complex worlds.




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